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Who we are.

The 420 Campfire was established on March 17th, 2021. Initially just a few friendly stoners looking for like minded comradery, advocating for the legalization of THC, spreading awareness through each other. We started speaking openly about what this group could be and what we are to each other and the benefits of what we know as a family is possible with the right support.

This non-profit is operating on 100% volunteer hours, and we are truly grateful to everyone of our Staff. 29 Staff members have provided over 65,000 outreach hours for community support in several states across the US and Canada, from Europe to Africa and we couldn’t be more proud. The funds we collect are donated to a Veterans organization in the United States approved by Administrators prior to Quarterly Campaign. Thank you for your interest in supporting the 420 Campfire Community and our Veterans.

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