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420Campfire is a Community organization, Facebook group, Cannabis brand, Former non-profit, and current LLC. But more importantly 420Campfire is a Family and a place of encouragement and a safe space.


The Name: 420CAMPFIRE: because who doesn't like to gather around a campfire, and of course 420 speaks for itself in the cannabis industry


Although the 420campfire has undergone many different developments, changes, and even a couple of rebuilt group pages we stand strong today as a leader in online cannabis community efforts. From the Start of the First Facebook group 420Campfire has continued to be there for its members offering support, community engagement and positive encouragement despite many of the obstacles this organization has faced. The 420campfire today is a registered LLC and Cannabis brand that offers live sesh rooms and support through our Facebook group, as well as merchandise and fundraising opportunities throughout the year on our webpage. Although the 420Campfire operates its organization as an LLC it takes no profits from any of its endeavors and continues to give everything back to local community causes and group efforts.

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