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Beard Dying Fund Raiser

How It Works:


  • Donate to Make a Difference: Every donation, starting at $100.00 minimum, is your ticket to participate! Your contribution directly supports 420Campfire's mission to aid homeless veterans.

  • Beard Color Auction: The highest donor by March 9th will have the honor of choosing the color Leigh Hacker dyes his beard. Get creative! 🌈

  • Winner's Choice: On March 10th, we'll announce the generous winner. We'll then contact the individual or company with the highest donation to discover their preferred beard color.

  • Dye Day Countdown: The chosen color will be applied to my beard by March 13th, just in time for our telethon.

Why Participate?

  • Support a Cause: Your donation goes directly to 420Campfire, helping homeless veterans find the support they need.

  • Choose the Color: Ever wanted to see a blue, green, or even a purple beard? Now's your chance to make it happen!

  • Telethon Debut: Witness the colorful beard debut during our telethon March 13th as a symbol of your contribution.

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