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About 420Campfire: Bridging Compassion and Cannabis Advocacy

Welcome to 420Campfire, a non-profit organization with a burning passion for supporting homeless veterans and reshaping the narrative around cannabis enthusiasts. Our mission is clear: we're on a journey to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who have bravely served our country.

Our Purpose: Ending Veteran Homelessness

At 420Campfire, we are committed to bringing an end to veteran homelessness. Through strategic partnerships with organizations dedicated to getting homeless vets off the streets, we raise funds that directly contribute to this noble cause.

How We Operate: Volunteers at the Helm

Every initiative, every dollar raised, and every product in our online shop is powered by the dedication of our volunteers. 420Campfire is a non-profit run by a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of community and collective action.

The Heart of Our Efforts: Online Shop and Fundraisers

Explore our online shop, where each purchase becomes a beacon of hope for homeless veterans. We take pride in offering quality cannabis-themed products, and every cent from your purchase goes directly to our mission. In addition, our diverse fundraisers provide engaging opportunities for the community to come together and make a difference.

Connect with Us: 420Campfire Facebook Group

Join the conversation in our vibrant Facebook group, where like-minded individuals gather to discuss cannabis advocacy, share stories, and support our cause. It's more than a group; it's a community dedicated to breaking down stereotypes and fostering understanding.

A Cannabis-Positive Movement: Breaking Stigmas

420Campfire is proud to be a cannabis-positive organization. We're on a mission to challenge stereotypes about stoners and demonstrate the positive impact of responsible cannabis use. Through education and advocacy, we're breaking down barriers and fostering a more accepting society.

Transparency Matters: 100% Goes to the Cause

Rest assured, at 420Campfire, transparency is key. We're proud to declare that 100% of the proceeds from our online store and all funds raised through our various initiatives go directly to our non-profit. Your support translates directly into action and positive change.

Join Us in Igniting Change

Whether you're here to shop, engage in fundraisers, or be part of our Facebook community, your involvement matters. 420Campfire invites you to join us in making a real impact on the lives of homeless veterans. Together, we can turn compassion into action.

Ignite change with 420Campfire. Join us today.

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